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Why Everyone Should Be Taking Herbs, Even You.

Why Everyone Should Be Taking Herbs, Even You.
Herbs are amazing, and completely underrated. We’ve all been told to eat our basil and parsley with dinner, but how many of you are taking your turkey tail mushrooms, turmeric, astragalus root, cordyceps or rhodiola? These unpronounceable herbal remedies are more than just seasonings or added flavor to your turkey loaf, these substances are DNA-changing,... Read more »

Americans, It's Time To Start Eating Real Food.

I recently saw the new Michael Moore documentary, “Where to Invade Next”, a humorous and enlightening depiction of what we’re missing Stateside. Things like a real paid vacation, universal healthcare, free education, gender equality, and REAL FOOD. I’m not here to argue the politics on whether or not you agree with providing students the right... Read more »

What Is Stress, And Why Is It Killing Us?

Stress We’ve all heard about it, and most of us just sweep it under the rug. Sure, we all intrinsically know it’s “bad” for us, and it may cause harm, but what does that actually mean? It’s more than “just in your head”, your body thinks it’s real and dangerous. Why is stress so bad... Read more »

Stressed About Stress? Here's 6 Things You Can About It.

In my previous post, I talked about the major implications stress has on our health; from increased risk of chronic disease, decrease in life expectancy, to other mildly terrifying side-effects. Now that I’ve stressed you out, what can you do to prevent such consequences? It’s impossible to run away to the woods and live like... Read more »

How Chronic Stress is Killing Us All

How Chronic Stress is Killing Us All
What’s the difference between being chased by a bear and missing an office deadline? I’d rather miss my office deadline. However, when it comes stress and how our bodies react to perceived threats, there’s not much difference. The threat of being chewed by a bear, limb by limb (shudder), or chewed out by our boss... Read more »