New Year, New You?

New Year, New Me, Dammit!

It’s a new year, if you haven’t heard, and hoards of people are flocking to the gym for their annual “I’m going to get in shape this year” resolutions. While this is a valiant effort to take better care of your body, the effect usually lasts only a couple of months after people realize how much they really hate going to the gym, and how little they know about squats or the perfect bicep curl form.

For many, joining a gym is like flaunting all our perfect imperfections; our inability to correctly use the weight machines, the inability to breathe after 2 minutes on the treadmill, and the inability to look fabulous in spandex. I personally can’t find a decent looking gym outfit, preferring to wear shorts I received as a Bar Mitzvah give-a-way 17 years ago which declares “I got groovy at Ben’s Bar Mitzvah!”, and a t-shirt that most likely isn’t mine, but something I found in my dryer. Looks clean enough!.

Inevitably, after a couple of months of truly trying, work gets in the way of that yoga class you were going to take, or sleeping an extra 30 minutes in the morning supersedes a morning workout. This trend leads to a habit of skipping out, and all else falls to the wayside. “I’ll go to the gym five times next week to make up for this week”.

Thus begins the cycle of promising ourselves a “new year, new me!” attitude with no follow- through.

Why are we so hard on ourselves in the first place?

I get it, New Years is a great time to restart, begin anew, and mark on your calendar all the changes you are going to make. Plus, there are tons of amazing deals at the gym, so why not?

However, when it comes to these declarations of health, they most likely become a figment of your imagination when March comes rolling around. Why? Because January 1st is just another damn day. Let’s be real with ourselves. I didn’t become more equipment savvy during the night, or less lazy, or more confident on my squatting skills.

This stuff takes time and patience to learn, so why not be a little more kind to ourselves.

Go Slow and Celebrate Your Success

Why not start going to the gym two times per week instead of five, take some classes so you learn to become confident on your form and in your surroundings. Convince a friend to join the gym with you, bribe them if you must. And, most importantly, find something you actually enjoy. If you abhor the thought of walking/running on a treadmill for 30 minutes, find an exercise you actually like! Switch it up and lift weights, take a dance class or why not go outside!

New Year New You

When it comes to getting back into shape, have as much fun as these guys! Getting healthy doesn’t have to be such a bore.

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