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Corona Virus Thoughts

As I sit here, slowly sinking into madness, I’ve had a few thoughts related to what we are going through. Thank God my granddaughters are here. Yes, they are exhausting, however, they get me out of my chair, otherwise I’d look like Jabba the Hutt with blood clots up to my neck by now. Also,... Read more »

The Post From The End of The World

Here’s something I was pretty sure I’d not be doing again. Blogging. But desperate times call for desperate measures. At the request of some of my loyal readers, I am here to bring calm and hope in this time of terror, confident that it will be read, because you have literally nothing better to do.... Read more »

The "I Told You So Post".

I am writing this under protest. I really, really don’t feel like it. However, I must, because: 1) I have literally nothing else to do. 2) It will let me make fun of some people. 3) It will delay the start of my Sunday afternoon binge drinking. 4) I’m overdue for a post. The Wednesday,... Read more »

Shamed into blogging again

Well, here goes. After 6 months of silence, I’m going to try to re-animate this thing. Why did I stop? Life, mostly, which got in the way. And, well, in some ways, I felt as though I had told my story. At this point it seemed that I would just begin repeating myself: Vaccines, Medical... Read more »

The Doctor Who Will Put Pharma Out of Business

Today, CNN ran a very interesting article by a Dr. Elizabeth Klodas, which you can find HERE. In a nutshell, she makes the point that in our society, if you have a medical problem, it’ll get treated with a drug. For example, if you have high cholesterol, you’ll be put on a statin. She makes... Read more »

New Year's Resolutions!

Happy New Year! I hope all of you have had a great holiday season and are anxious to return to work! Keep up that productivity, people!! Now, many of you will have made some New Year’s resolutions, some of which are the same you make every year, and fail within the first hour. Fear not,... Read more »

The Annual Holiday Letter!

Greetings to all our beloved friends (Far to numerous to count!) and family (Struggling to hide their bitterness over what is to come.) It’s time for our annual holiday letter, which will allow us to rub your face in all we have accomplished, once again, highlighting how pathetic your lives are! Oh, and with pictures,... Read more »


“Doctor the EMTs are here with the patient.” “Alright, what have we got?” “It’s a bad one. An approximately 3 year old Blog, found abandoned on lower Wacker Drive.” “My God, what is wrong with these people? If you don’t want to take care of a blog, then give it to someone who does. Don’t... Read more »

A Healthcare Update

It’s been a while since I’ve written, primarily due to a combination of being busy and lazy. Only I can achieve both simultaneously, so please do not try this at home. Tonight, however, I was especially motivated, because my wife is having a group of women over for a meeting. I believe there’s 13 of... Read more »


I HAVE HELD OFF WRITING THIS FOR A FEW DAYS, BECAUSE TRY AS I MIGHT, IT WILL SOUND LIKE AN “I TOLD YOU SO”. About one year ago, Senator McCain was diagnosed with a highly aggressive brain tumor called glioblastoma multiforme. Immediately, well wishes came from all over, telling him to “Be Strong and show... Read more »