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Post holiday blog

Happy belated Thanksgiving to all! It’s been a while since I last wrote, primarily because I was pretty sure we were entering the End of Days and did not want to risk working on a post, which would never get read due to a global conflagration. However, here we are, so, here I am. I... Read more »

401,000 Deaths

Happy Labor Day Weekend! Since the weather outside sucks, let’s spend some time discussing death. What? Too morbid? Just grab a beer, man up and listen. The CDC, ever the source of joy these days, just announced that if we do not quit fucking around, up to 401,000 people may die from corona virus. Now,... Read more »

What Do You Think, Doctor?

I think I have been asked this question more often this past year, than almost any other time. The question nearly always arises these days in reference to Covid-19. What do I think? Are we doing too much? Too little? Is it real? Is it a hoax? First, a disclaimer. I am an oncologist, not... Read more »

When Symbols Go Bad

I suspect many have read “The DaVinci Code”. It was OK, I thought. However, one thing that stood out was when the hero, Dr. Robert Langdon, (played by Tom Hanks in the movie, which I thought was a poor choice, but I digress….) is giving a lecture about symbols and points out that the notorious... Read more »

When Politics Go Viral

I have always been a fan of science fiction. Whether books or movies, I have seen and read more sci-fi than any other genre. Probably by an order of magnitude. Within the sci-fi realm, there is what’s called “hard sci-fi”. What that means is that the concepts explored are based on scientific principles, as opposed... Read more »

Corona Virus Update-Or, Are We Not Doing This Anymore?

Welcome, my post-apocalyptic survivors. Today I want to discuss a few interesting developments with regard to the “pandemic we were afraid of, but now, not so much”. 1) The Spanish Flu Thanks to my brilliant friend Kathy for this observation. If you speak with people who lived through the Spanish flu epidemic, you’ll note that... Read more »

Why People Love Bad Science

I am truly amazed as to how easily people are suckered in by really bad science. Recently, there has been a torrent of garbage on Facebook. Among the worst was a video I shall not name, but which is beautifully debunked HERE. I highly recommend you watch this. Another series of garbage was the fact... Read more »

My Friend, the Corona Virus and the Death of Ravinia

What!! WTF!! How could I say that? Here’s how: Ravinia cancels entire 2020 summer season due to coronavirus pandemic YES!! For the first time since 1935!! Now, for those of you who wonder why I hate Ravinia, please peruse this past post found here. Seriously, read it, it’s my finest work. What this means is... Read more »

Doctors and Medicine

Lucky you. Just when you were at the end of your rope and about to do something insane, I have written a post to occupy your time. Let me begin by making something very clear. I have always tried as much as possible to make my posts apolitical. So, I am going to make a... Read more »

Corona virus myths

Hey, everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was great! Went to a Michelin restaurant on Friday, then to a gala at the Hilton Towers Saturday and Sunday went to see the newest Avengers movie. Then I woke up, and realized I wasn’t doing shit this weekend, and neither are you, so read this. It occurred... Read more »