I am Joseph P. Imperato, MD, FACR. I trained in Radiation Oncology at the Harvard Medical School and have practiced for 32 years. During that time, in the process of caring for thousands of patients, I realized that there was an enormous amount of misinformation about cancer. Whether it be it's causes, diagnoses or treatment, there were what I labeled "Myths", that simply will not go away. The advent of the internet has only made the issue more difficult, confusing and complex.

I have lectured extensively on this topic, but feel that in the digital age, my best chance to reach the most people will be via a blog. My goal is to approach only one topic at a time, describe what the popular belief is, and where it is right and wrong. I have no political agenda, and I will strive to eliminate any personal biases from my posts. I hope to cover not only cancer, but other topics in healthcare that cause so much confusion, like hospital and physician ratings, aspects of Obamacare, costs of care, etc. I am open to suggestions, as well, and if there is interest in a particular topic I feel qualified to cover, I will do so.

This blog will serve as a distillation of knowledge I acquired over the years, not only in the clinic, but as Past President of the American Cancer Society, President of the Medical Staff at Lake Forest Hospital, and Fellow of the American College of Radiology.

Welcome to my Blog, I hope you find it useful and interesting.