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Lucky you. Just when you were at the end of your rope and about to do something insane, I have written a post to occupy your time.

Let me begin by making something very clear. I have always tried as much as possible to make my posts apolitical.

So, I am going to make a statement, which will then lead me to the heart of today’s story, but it is intended simply as an example.

Why do so many people give a flying fuck about what Trump says about the science surrounding Covid-19?

Yes, he is the president. So what?

And, so I’m not accused of just picking on him, this also goes for actor, sports figures, royalty, etc.

Stay in your lane, people!

He is a lay person and should not be considered an expert on infectious disease in any sense of the word.

OK, now here is my actual point.

When it comes to learning about science or medicine, please refer to reputable doctors or scientists.

Makes sense, right?

Yet, stop and think about the anti-vaxxers. They are not doctors or scientists, for the most part, and if they are, they are not reputable.

However, until we had huge outbreaks of measles, a completely preventable illness, I might add, we went so far as to give parents waivers, so that their children wouldn’t have to be vaccinated.

Because, you know, freedom.

Now, let’s talk a little more about the current scenario.

Many have pointed out, and I include myself in this group, that the flu generally has far more total impact than Covid-19, yet, we don’t go into lockdown every flu season.

As time has gone on, I realize now that there are differences with Covid-19 that makes the comparison invalid.

Yes, I am admitting I was proven wrong, which is pretty amazing, if you ask me.

For the flu, there is a vaccine, which, even when it’s not a “good” one, still produces immunity and lessens the severity of the disease.

Also, because of the flu vaccine, the spread is not as rampant due to the “herd immunity” effect.

Finally, of those that get severely ill and die, they fall into well defined groups, the very young and very old, or those with comorbid conditions.

In contrast, Covid-19 is extremely contagious, there is no herd immunity yet and it appears to not only kill the old, or those with co-morbid conditions, but also young, healthy people.

Not as many, granted, but enough to raise concerns.

The reason for the quarantine, which I am no more happy about than you are, is simply because the disease had completely overwhelmed our medical facilities.

I am unclear how people don’t realize that.

Yes, when we are allowed to venture out again, there may well be a second wave, but the hope is it will be much smaller, so that doctors, nurses and hospitals are able to handle this surge.

That’s it. That is the reason we are doing what we are doing, because in the end, it will save lives.

It sucks, I grant you, but it is necessary.

One final side note.

The outpouring of support for medical personnel is heart warming.

But, how long after this crisis is over will we once again hear about that “stupid doctor” or “sadistic nurse”?

I would really hope that people come to a better understanding now about the price those in medicine pay to do their jobs and maybe, just maybe, come away with a little more respect for them.

I don’t expect it from everyone, but if it changes even a few people’s opinion about the medical profession, maybe this pandemic will have at least a small silver lining.

And, for the love of God, if a non physician or scientist tries to share their “theory” about Covid-19, or anything medically related, for that matter-STAY SKEPTICAL!

Please like, share and comment and above all, stay safe!

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