Corona Virus Thoughts

As I sit here, slowly sinking into madness, I’ve had a few thoughts related to what we are going through.

Thank God my granddaughters are here. Yes, they are exhausting, however, they get me out of my chair, otherwise I’d look like Jabba the Hutt with blood clots up to my neck by now. Also, being here allows their mom to work from home (our home, of course), so we are all safe.

Thank God for all the booze we have stocked up. I know, this is not a good coping mechanism, but it’s only for the weekend (which starts Thursday, BTW).

Thank God the weather is remotely decent. One more cold gray day, and I think we would have all lost it. The ability to get out of the house and go for a walk has made a huge difference for all of us. Yes, I am careful, and walk 6 feet away from everyone.

Thank God I still have a job. The fact that I still have a purpose cannot be underestimated. The devastating impact this has had on so many is terrible.

What we are facing is unprecedented, but only to a degree. As I said before, we have had the Black Plague, Spanish Flu, etc., but what’s different today is the fact that we are a global community.

We also have 24 hour news that screams, “OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!”

We will survive this. Global economies will recover. Yes, it will take time, it will not be easy and we will, at least for some time do nothing except worry about this disease, or a new one, coming back.

However, we will no longer be the same. At least I hope not.

We will react very differently when we hear someone cough or sneeze in a public place.

We will hopefully be a little more grateful for all we have, including items like toilet paper.

We will hopefully be a little more appreciative of our restaurants and servers, given how much we miss them.

We will hopefully be a little more appreciative of doctors and nurses, and maybe, just maybe, society can skip demonizing “greedy doctors” for a little while. For the sake of full transparency, I am a doctor, and I for one was pretty sick of hearing it.

As I said, recovery will not be easy, and it shouldn’t be. We need to wallow around in our misery a little to make sure the lessons of this pandemic are really ingrained into our public consciousness.

But here is the point I really want to stress.

Humankind has dealt with tremendous hardships over the 100,000 or so years we have existed on this planet. We have overcome them all, and often come out far ahead.

Don’t forget, the Black Plague was followed by the Renaissance.

We can come out of this stronger.

One simple way is to finally grasp that things like viruses really don’t give a shit who you voted for, what your sexual orientation is, or what your religion or socio-economic status is.

In the end we are all in it together when these disasters strike, and we had better focus on taking care of each other, or we are all fucked.

And if some idiot tries to tell you different-Stay Skeptical

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