A Healthcare Update

It’s been a while since I’ve written, primarily due to a combination of being busy and lazy.

Only I can achieve both simultaneously, so please do not try this at home.

Tonight, however, I was especially motivated, because my wife is having a group of women over for a meeting.

I believe there’s 13 of them, and it happens to be a New Moon.

She claims it’s her “Church Guild”.

I’m guessing “Coven” was already taken.

They are in my man cave, so instead of sitting in the dark, watching videos and meditating, I am relegated to answering the door and taking the dogs out, who, not surprisingly, seem particularly anxious tonight.

So, I figure this will be a good time to report on a few news tidbits I’ve accumulated over the past month.

1) Scanning early stage breast cancer patients finds no evidence of cancer, but has a 43% false positive rate.

This is actually pretty important, and I address it to all my friends and colleagues who love to ask, “So what can be the harm in looking?”

Well, as I have patiently tried to explain, ad nauseum, when you just do random scans for no good reason, you are far more likely to find a red herring, which will lead one on a wild goose chase, ending with many unnecessary tests and anxiety.

Tests should be done for a specific reason, not randomly, as they are unlikely to produce meaningful results.

2) Alternative Cancer Treatments Contribute to a Higher Risk of Death.


You have got to be shitting me!

So, some person decides they are going to ingest a tea made from a bunch of weeds, just like the uneducated peasants living in remote areas used to do hundreds or thousands of years ago, and they might have a higher risk of DYING from their cancer?!

I mean, how is that possible?

Surely, compared to the “burning” of modern day radiation and the “poison” of chemotherapy, you’d expect it to be a wash, right?

Modern medicine just might be as good as some random mixture of vitamins and plants growing in the Naturopaths compost pile, but assuredly not better!

This had to come from the Pharma-Industrial Complex, forcing people to spend thousands on proven therapies, versus thousands on worthless crap.

3 & 4) Alcohol is bad for you and Cellphones may be bad for you.

This one had me stymied for quite awhile, until I realized my error had been in looking at these two separately.

Once I realized they were meant to go together, it suddenly made sense.

If you drink too much, you are going to drunk text someone (maybe even a dick pick) and then you are fucked.

Separately, I wouldn’t sweat either too much.

Driving a car, flying, going swimming in the ocean, all have inherent dangers, but we accept them as a part of daily life.

Youse pays your money and youse takes yer chances.

Everything carries some element of risk, but if you try to eliminate all of them, you will be unable to do anything, including enjoying a Cosmo I made, that literally had the Angels from Heaven look down upon it in awe.

It was seriously that good.

5) TV Medical shows are just a bunch of garbage.

I’ve written about this in the past, however, there have been a few more articles written lately.

The new show “The Resident” being the most recent abomination.

I can barely make it through a commercial for it without throwing the sofa through the TV.

These programs are intended to be entertainment, I get that, but that are so patently unrealistic, they could literally have ninjas from outer space as main characters in them, and not be any more ridiculous.

Please stop watching them.

And if you are “hooked”, don’t tell me how “good” they are.

They are not. They are terrible.

Well, that rant brings me to the end of my post for today.

I can tell from the cackling going on in the basement that they’ll be sacrificing the children soon, so I’ll need to go to the corner of the house where I won’t be disturbed by the screaming.

If I don’t post before hand, everyone have a safe and fun Halloween.

And, if someone tries to tell you something about medicine that sounds too good, or bad, to be true-STAY SKEPTICAL!!

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