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To Flu or Not To Flu (Shot)

Today I am embarking into treacherous waters surrounding the flu vaccine. I want to be clear that this is due to requests by some of my fans, who were kind enough to talk to me about getting sick while I was trying to enjoy myself at a party last night. Yes, I love nothing more... Read more »


Good morning, friends! What’s that? You don’t feel too good this morning? Too much Holiday Cheer? Fear not, for Dr. Joe is going to give you a Harvard quality Holiday Party Survival Guide! And a no fooling around hangover recipe. Yes, Kwanzaa season is in full swing and everywhere you turn, you’re reminded how far... Read more »

A Sexual Predator in Medicine

Ever since the Harvey Weinstein story broke, there has been a flood of stories of women who have suffered through various sexual harassment and abuse. In some cases, the perpetrators have suffered swift consequences, like Lauer and Rose getting tossed. In other cases, like Al Franken, there’s a distinct feeling of discomfort as people wonder... Read more »