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Dr. Joe’s Guide to the Apocalypse

I have been somewhat remiss in my postings the past few weeks, however, recent events have led me to believe that many of my gentle readers are in a state of anxiety over the inevitable end of the world, which should be occurring shortly. We have a most likely, senile world leader in a pissing... Read more »


I often think back to how much time and effort I put in to becoming a physician. While most of you were getting drunk and laid, I was studying complex mathematical and chemical formulas so I could get into medical school. While you were out working, making money, I was learning reams of material about... Read more »

The Good News Cancer Post!

Glorious good afternoon to you, my gentle readers! I thought that I’d write an article of a more uplifting nature today. After all, I think that with all the negative news we are bombarded with daily, this would be a nice change of pace. So, let’s begin with some news that effects everyone: COFFEE MAY... Read more »