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The End of a Medical Career, and the Start of a New One

Over the course of my 37 years as a physician, one of the most common question I’ve been asked is, “When did you know you wanted to be a physician?” My response has always been, “If it’s possible to be genetically programmed to be a physician, then I’m a prime example.” It’s true. From my... Read more »

The Truth About Gluten

Over the course of my life, I have come up with great ideas for novels, only to see them published as I prepare to put pen to paper. Game of Thrones, 2001, War and Peace, The Bible (King James Version), and now I find it happening again as I sat to write about gluten. It... Read more »


The release of the GOP health plan is causing so many people to convulse, they threaten to overwhelm our health care system. In an undoubtedly wasted effort to try to bring a little clarity, I’d like to focus on precisely one aspect of the changes in the plan that is responsible for so many people... Read more »

The Resurrection of the Blog! Today's Topic: Those Clever Chinese!

Let me begin today by thanking all my friends for performing a well-being check on me after I stopped blogging for a month. Ironically, now that I’m vacationing, I seem to have less time (less SOBER time) to blog than I did while working. Nevertheless, here I am. So, given the length of time between... Read more »