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Dr. Joe's Cure All

So, for years I’ve made fun of those quacks who claim to have found the “cure for everything”. What a bunch of liars. But, then, during a very long exotic trip through the heart of a place called “Kentucky” (Ken-Tuck-Ee) I came across an elixir whose curative abilities were beyond measure. The locals call it... Read more »

What it's like to be Doctor Grandpa

Often the most difficult part of being a physician is when a family member is ill. This week was a real case in point. On Sunday my 21 month granddaughter awoke with a fever. OK, no biggie, Tylenol, bath some sleep and she will be good as new. Not so much. In the middle of the... Read more »

"Alternative Facts" Concept is Not New

This weekend we were introduced to a new concept when Ms. Conway explained the different versions of events as “alternative facts.” But, actually, this is not a new concept, and I am grateful to the Trump team for giving me what is perhaps a better way of explaining one of the main themes of my... Read more »

Obama's Letter to Trump

Donald, I’ll keep this short, in deference to your ADD. You are about to embark on the first legitimate job of your life. It won’t be easy. Here’s my advice: 1) Don’t try to bullshit your way through. There are way too many people watching and it won’t work. 2) Delegate as much as you... Read more »

What Politicians Still Don't Understand About HealthCare

I make a concerted effort to exercise every day. (“Really? It doesn’t look like it!” all my idiot friends (possibly redundant) will say.) I like the elliptical because it tends to avoid joint stress, and I can read while doing it, which makes the time pass. However, towards the end of the hour (yes, an... Read more »

What the Play "Hamilton" Taught Me

I went on Saturday to see “Hamilton”. Without exception, it is one of the few times in my life that I thought a performance truly lived up to the hype. It was an extraordinary experience. As I thought about it later, I remembered that when V.P Elect Pence went to see it, the cast had this to... Read more »

What I Have Learned From Teaching

Happy Friday the Thirteenth! I figured today was a as good a day as any to return from my sabbatical. I used the time to recharge my batteries using only the finest in alcoholic beverages. Now that I am once again sober, I thought I’d relate an interesting experience I recently had. I was honored to... Read more »