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How science works and why it is so difficult to dispel myths in healthcare.

My last few posts looked at the vaccine controversy. So good news, bad news. The good news is that I received more comments than on all my other posts combined! The bad news is that the majority of them referred to my very low intelligence and the fact that I like to poison babies. Well,... Read more »

One Time in my Life I Was Made to Feel Special

So tonight for my writing excercise I have been tasked with writing a post about the time somebody made me feel special. Well, this is a tough one. For example, my wife heard the topic and stated it should be entirely about her. I guess part of what makes this such a hard topic is... Read more »

Vaccines-Part II or Autism, the epidemic that wasn't

Today I want to try to address the major concern raised by individuals that are anti-vaccine, autism. As I demonstrated in my last post, the original paper purporting to show a correlation has been proven a fraud and has been retracted. Yet, the comment is often made that the incidence of autism continues to rise,... Read more »

Hillary Clinton and her illnesses

Disclaimer: I am not a supporter of Clinton or Trump and may well end up not even voting this November. This post will attempt to address the confusion surrounding Clinton’s health issues, but should in no way be construed as either support for this candidate or an attack. The questions swirling around Hillary’s health issues... Read more »

Vaccines-Part I

I have avoided this topic long enough. Part of the reason for my reluctance was that I didn’t feel like wading waist deep into the morass of arguments and counter arguments generated by this subject. On the other hand, given the title of my blog, I could not hope to ignore this forever. However, as... Read more »

One man’s harrowing tale of survival against all odds

The following story is true. I know it to be so, because it’s my story. WARNING: In order to accurately depict the events that occurred, I decided to spare no details. Some sensitive readers may be disturbed by the graphic descriptions within. Reader discretion advised. Little did I know when I left for work this... Read more »

What NOT to say to cancer patients

The word cancer still carries extremely powerful negative connotations. Despite all our advances, public education and efforts to reduce the fear the word engenders, people still struggle when speaking to friends or family who have cancer. Over the years there are a few things I’ve learned that I’d like to share, in the hopes that... Read more »

HA! I told you so!

I thought I’d write a short piece today since it is the Labor Day weekend, and people are getting their grills ready to go. (At least I am.) In Tuesday’s Chicago Tribune business section there was one of those articles that brings me great joy, because it allows me to shout, “Ha, I told you... Read more »