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The doctor was so stupid….

Today I’m going to take a break from addressing myths (No, I’m not ignoring the new rats get cancer from cellphones study. I’ll address that later this week.) Today will be a little bit of a rant, based off of what I consider a “myth-conception” (pun intended). Let me begin by asking all of you... Read more »

“Write about something you know now that you wish you knew then”

There’s a fairly endless list of things I wish I had known when I was younger, that I know now, like how to talk to girls. (Although my wife states I still suck at it.) There are also practical, everyday things, like, how to buy a car, sell your house, and raise your kids. But,... Read more »

The stress is killing me!

I thought today would be a good day to talk about the impact of stress on our lives. I had an amusing little incident on the way to work. As I left Union Station, I got in line for the taxis. I approached the next cab, and there was a woman that was not in... Read more »

The secret Doctors don’t want you to know!

Amazing discovery is making oncologists livid! The rare Ghost orchid, once thought extinct has been grown by Mrs. Yan Tang, a Chinese botanist living in Florida. This plant has been shown to have incredible healing powers…… Sound familiar? Usually it’s a skin cream some housewife created out of common household items that erases years from... Read more »

Doc, how long do I have left?

Of all the questions I’ve been asked over my more than three decades as an oncologist, this is always the most difficult. But, not for the reasons you’re thinking. Going into oncology, I knew full well that I would see many patients I could not cure. In fact, when I started out in practice in... Read more »

Why I hate medical shows

Growing up, I vividly remember watching Marcus Welby, MD and Dr. Kildare. I loved the fact that they’d deliver a baby in the morning and perform brain surgery in the afternoon. Those were the days! Then I went to medical school. Then residency. Then practice. The TV shows kept on coming, ER, Grey’s anatomy, House,... Read more »

Sugar- Our Deadliest Foe Part II

I am quickly coming to the realization that I will need some system to ensure I cover all the topics I want, without having to continuously circle back, or at least not immediately. However, being that this is Friday the 13th, I believe that it is a portentous omen that today I became aware of... Read more »

Risk/Benefit-Part 2

Today I want to finish the topic of risk/benefit, because it is a crucial component of medicine, and one that is rarely discussed. Everything we do, surgery, drugs, radiation, has risk. Sometimes (hopefully, most times) it’s very small and there is great benefit to be gained. As an example, when you are placed on an... Read more »

What drives me to do this?

Yesterday I received an interesting comment on my cell phone blog, which I would like to address in some detail, but before doing that, I thought there might be some value in learning about my background, and how that influences my motives. I’m a first generation Italian. My parents are literally off the boat. They... Read more »

The Dangers all around us....

Today I’m going to introduce the concept of Risk/Benefit. I’m going to do this over several blogs, because it gets tricky once we get into some of the myths. I want to start by pointing out my picture. As you can see, I’m old, meaning I’ve seen a lot in my day. For example, remember... Read more »