Deb Baratz is a long-time Chicago resident, supporting her wine habit through writing and public relations. It took her many years to really appreciate wine after only being exposed to chablis and chardonnay in her early years. Traveling is one of Deb’s passions and it has opened her eyes to the wonderful, never-ending world of wine. While still a beer drinker, Deb is always game for a glass of Champagne but she is an equal-opportunity wine drinker, trying and enjoying both whites and reds. Just no dessert wine please. You can read her first He Sipped/She Sipped post here.

Eric Groves is a full-time dad, boyfriend, Pearl Jam-aholic, and beer connoisseur (re: snob). While enjoying his massive Pearl Jam vinyl collection, he's usually consuming brews that are loaded with hops--Double and Imperial IPAs are his favorite, and particularly Bell's Hopslam. He will write about beer. You can call him He Swigs.

David Humphrey is a 40+ Australian native now in Chicago 12(ish) years.  Weened on the Wines of the Yarra Valley, and spoiled during his formative wine years with access to some of Australia's best reds.  Married, cellar for consumption not posterity, not scared of a wine list.  He much prefers wine with a meal (and writes about his dining experiences at, but can be fairly easily talked into a glass or 3 in the sun or with a block of cheese.  He's come to love trusting tasting menus where the whole 8, 10, 13 courses are paired up individually (sadly a treat, not the norm) because he accepts that there are a whole lot of cleverer wine people than he is.

Julia Kapelnikova has lived in the Chicagoland area since she was three years old, after moving to the States from Kharkov, Ukraine. She is currently finishing her graduate work to become an English teacher. In her free time, she loves traveling, writing, and meeting weird people. She began her love for wine when she was hired as a server at a wine bar. Although she knew nothing when she started, she began to taste wine and bother the sommelier with questions about everything in stock. In no time at all, she fell in love. Several years later, she has experienced wine of many regions, vintages, and varietals. Like literature, her favorite thing about wine is that her work is never done. There will always be another page to turn, another wine to sip.

Michelle Moore is a 22-year-old budding wine enthusiast from Northwest Indiana who loves to travel and experience new cultures through wine. Many of her favorite wines are those she's come across while studying abroad. She looks forward to bringing her multi-national perspective to readers here at He Sipped/She Sipped!

Tiana Olewnick is a New Yorker who lives and writes in Chicago. She has a passion for wine, spirits, liquors, brews and mixology in general. She believes that what is good should be shared. You can read more about her food and drink concoctions at

John Taylor is a freelance writer living in Chicago. He loves anything that can be explained in a couple of words or a handful of books. In short, anything food, drink, philosophy or music related. Follow him on Twitter @johntaylortweet. And read his first He Sipped/She Sipped post here.