On Writing a Wine Blog ... Pregnant

On Writing a Wine Blog ... Pregnant

So, I know, we’ve been absent from our blog for a while. Two months, in fact. It’s been difficult even thinking about wine, as I learned in late October that I was pregnant with our second child. Little Sips 2. Just kidding; we aren’t calling the baby that. For now.

Since the positive pregnancy test (a week after too much wine at a friend’s birthday dinner…oops), I haven’t had much of a craving for wine. My first trimester was so full of nausea and vomiting that it basically felt like I was hungover all day. One week I was vomiting so bad that I was hospitalized for dehydration. Wine? Not a chance.

It’s been hard leaving the blog for a while. I’ve felt guilty about it, but my altered taste buds and pregnancy-induced stuffed nose are not a good combination for wine tasting. I doubt most wine makers would want a pregnant woman drinking and writing about their wine for more than the obvious reason.

But I’m going to continue to write about food, wine places, non-alcoholic things now that I’m feeling better. And I will probably even discuss the controversial topic of DRINKING WHILE YOU’RE PREGNANT (gasp!) at some point during the pregnancy, like when I’m in my 3rd trimester and I have the undeniable urge for a glass of rosé…

But I’ll leave the tasting and critiquing to He Sips.



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  • Congratulations on the pregnancy! Hope you begin to feel better and are back to writing soon.

  • Thanks, Yoga Mom. I am totally feeling better now!

  • Congratulations! Do you ever do the grape juice in a wine glass trick? Hint: It's not the same.

    I'll stay tuned for sure~!

  • wanna try do the grape juice http://beingpregnant.net/being-pregnant.htm

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