What to Drink This Summer Part 3: Tinto de Verano Recipe

What to Drink This Summer Part 3: Tinto de Verano Recipe

As summer temperatures continue to soar, avid red wine drinkers such as myself are sweating bullets trying to find an icy alternative to our favorite vino. While traditional sangria can be a tasty treat at barbeques and pool parties, young adults who frequent wine bars in Spain have created a lighter, cheaper option equally pleasing to the palate–Tinto de Verano.

Roughly translated as “red wine of summer,” Tinto de Verano is a mix of equal parts red wine and a Spanish lemonade called gaseosa. The mixture contains less alcohol than traditional sangria, making it a less dehydrating, more refreshing choice for hot summer days on the beach. In the United States, the bubbly effects of gaseosa can be simulated with lemon-lime soda, lemonade or sparkling water.

In its homeland of Costa del Sol, on the Southern coast of Spain, Tinto de Verano is typically made with Tempranillo, which lends the brew a smooth, fruity flavor reminiscent of blackberries or plums. A personal favorite tempranillo of mine is a Sierra Cantabria Crianza. The bittersweet black raspberry undertones help to temper the sweetness of homemade Tinto de Verano. In the United States however, it’s no faux pas to mix up a glass of Tinto de Verano using your favorite table wine. Unlike sangria, Tinto de Verano is not prepared in a pitcher, but rather mixed individually by the glass. This mix-your-own philosophy allows partygoers to discover the ideal blend of wine and gaseosa for themselves. Follow the recipe to find yours!

½ cup tempranillo or other red wine

½ gaseosa, lemonade, lemon-lime soda, or sparkling water

1 lemon wedge

Fill a 20 ounce glass with ice. Combine wine and gaseosa over ice and garnish with lemon wedge. Enjoy!


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