Introducing One of the Sippers

Introducing One of the Sippers

Hi there,

So, I’ve been invited here to He Sips / She Sips as a Sipper (say that a couple of times quickly…) to contribute articles on a regular(ish) sort of schedule.  I’m here because I wrote something mostly for myself and my wife in a blog form that I was happy for others to read if they somehow bumped into it.  But, it was really just for an audience of two, although now I know that number has grown a bit.  I showed it to She Sips because I wrote an article about an event she hosted and next thing you know I’m writing a short Bio so I can contribute here…

I’m touched that She Sips & He Sips have invited me to contribute!  Pleasantly surprised even!  To be fair to them, but also you, their readers, I want to share a quick bit of why I write, how I write and what you might expect to see before I get nervous and have a go at the first ‘real’ article.

  1. I’m not a writer!  Let me say that again, I’m not a writer.
  2. Therefore, I tend to write how I speak which may or may not always be technically correct.  I expect you’ll see some made-up-words appear now and again, and some grammar boundaries stretched.
  3. I started writing in blog format as a way to document my dining experiences because we were eating out at some great places and 6 months later it’s a bit of a blur.  It’s now fun to read those old articles!
  4. I’m here to write about wine and associated wine activities.  Fortunately, I do like wine! I’m not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I like my wine, and I’m not scared of all the associated activities related to wine (shopping for, lists, tastings, storing, talking wine talk, opening those pesky fake corks that are made out of recycled truck tyres – or whatever it is).
  5. I think wine is fun and I think too many people (clever wine people, beginner wine people, beer drinking wine people and everyone else who ever thought about drinking or drank even just a sip of wine) take it way way way too seriously.
  6. No matter what my topic may be, fun first is the order of the day.  But always, always, a learning experience – even through those choices I manage to make where hindsight asks quite loudly what the heck was I thinking teach me something.
  7. I’m not a critic.  I absolutely positively 100% look for the best in every experience first, second, third…  I tend to assess in generalities.  I notice, but don’t care that a server used my table for leverage opening a bottle.  I appreciate that a server gives me a new glass to taste a second bottle of the same good stuff, but don’t meltdown if they don’t.
  8. I tend to look at and talk about wine in generalities too.  For example if I find citrus on the nose, I don’t get a headache trying to figure out which variety of tangerine.  Citrus it is.
  9. See #1 & #2 as they’re probably important…

All being well, I’ll get you some events we (I can’t think of a reason I’d head off somewhere without my wife) get to go to, some stores we think are fun, probably nothing on a favorite bottle – the last bottle shared with my wife is almost always my current favorite, certainly some philosophical musings on the processes of wine consumption, and maybe some wine memories.  And double all being well, I hope to fit in as seamlessly as possible with the other Sippers and with what He Sips / She Sips has done so far and what they will do in the future.

Thanks for listening, I’ll be back soon!  But I must close with the reminder that wine should always be fun and should never cause you stress.

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