He Sips Century Project

He Sips Century Project

100 grapes.

365 days.

I need to get back to tasting wine on at least a semi-regular basis, so I’ve decided to challenge myself. I’m going to try to join the Wine Century Club in one year. To do that, I need to drink wine from at least 100 different grapes. And yes, there are 100 different wine grapes — in fact there is way more than 100. To make it even more of a challenge, I’m starting from scratch. I’ve probably had wine from at least 40 different grapes already — but for this challenge, I’m starting at 0.

Here are the rules that I’m setting for myself:

  • I’m using the list from the Wine Century Club, and I’ll go down the list alphabetically whenever possible. I won’t find EVERY wine on the list, so I may end up needing to skip around a bit.
  • Whenever possible, I’ll drink single varietal wines. Some grapes are always part of blends, so I won’t be able to avoid blends entirely.
  • I’m skipping the easy ones for now (Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, you know, all the usuals.) I will include them, but I’ll save them for when I’m having a hard time finding the less common grapes.

First up: a Greek grape called Agiorgitiko; and a trip to Greek Town.

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