The Relaunch of He Sipped/She Sipped

The Relaunch of He Sipped/She Sipped

Dear Readers,

Today marks an exciting day in ChicagoNow Land: The launch of ChicagoNow 2.0, a new version of our hosting site, complete with a new design, more interactive features, and über user-friendliness.

You’ll also notice that He Sipped/She Sipped has undergone a face-lift of our own, changing our avatar (or logo) to a picture of us, instead of two wine barrels. This decision represents our new goals for the site:

  1. To be more personal and honest with our readers (letting you in a bit more on our lives).
  2. To create more interesting content for the real wine gurus out there. (He Sips will outline his Century Club challenge tomorrow on the blog.)
  3. To create more content that appeals to a wide variety of wine drinkers. (We get that there’s a whole bunch of you out there who don’t want to pay more than $10 for a bottle of wine, and we need to serve you better. And, thankfully, there’s a lot a good, cheap wine available in Chicago.)
  4. To create MORE content.

To help us achieve these goals–in particular goal #4–we’ve added a whole team of Sippers, writers who will contribute to this blog and share their thoughts on wine with us all! Please click the Sippers link to read about each contributor’s background and interest in wine.

We’re super excited to have them on board. Regular post resume tomorrow, but in the meantime check out our new poll feature on the right side of this blog and let us know “What is your favorite summer wine?”

And if you’re not following us on Facebook and Twitter, what are you waiting for? The links are to the right.



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  • I'm glad they've redesigned because the old layout was a bit clunky, but aren't all your old permalinks broken now? There goes your Google traffic. And why no option to add a comment on the home page? You have to click-thru to articles to do that. Also, looks like all the old images in your RSS feed are broken.

  • In reply to kristainchicago:

    Everything should be redirected now (or soon) so our Google searches should be fine. The pictures are slow to move over, but everything will eventually. Thanks for reading!

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