Bottle Review of Voveti Prosecco: A Sexy Sparkling Wine, Comment to Win!

Bottle Review of Voveti Prosecco: A Sexy Sparkling Wine, Comment to Win!


Just look at the picture of this bottle! Doesn’t it scream DATE NIGHT! It’s so sleek and sexy that it makes you want to pop it open and pour a glass. Luckily, this wine tastes as good as it looks!

VOVETI is an artisan Prosecco inspired by the Ferrers of Barcelona, Spain, the founding family behind the Freixenet Group. It was just released this spring, and a few weeks ago I was able to try it at a party at Luminaire, a contemporary furniture store in River North.

To be fair, I’m a sucker for sparklings–and I love prosecco. Voveti is the perfect pre-dinner glass. It’s fresh and fruity (but not overwhelmingly so). The hints of apples and honeysuckle will delight, but the tiny, pinpoint-like bubbles are what makes this wine so exciting.

Voveti retails for $17 and can be found in Chicago at Arista Foods, 112 North May St., and at Dobby’s Worldwide Liquor, 15 South Brockway St. in Palentine.

But one lucky He Sipped/She Sipped reader can win a FREE bottle of Voveti simply by commenting!

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  • Mmmmm, prosecco is the perfect treat on warm summer evenings! I'd love to win this one!

  • It reminds me of when I lived in Italy.

  • Because there's nothing better to do in the summer than to have a nice chilled glass of Prosecco.

  • Because I've never had a bottle of prosecco, and can't wait to try one.

  • Brings me back to the time in my life before my 3 crazy kids come along when my husband and I could take off for a 10 day trip to Italy without a care in the world! I remember my first prosecco at an outdoor cafe in Rome like it was yesterday.

  • Mmmmm... summer afternoons, barefeet in the grass, porch swings, breezes, fresh brie, and Prosecco.... a beautiful touch to any lovely day..



  • Prosecco allows the everyday person to experience the complexities of wine while relishing the fun of sparkling bubbles. Ideal for warm days or cool nights on Chicago's lakefront.

  • Is it rude to say "because it's not French"? If it is, I'll go with because they always have a freshness that doesn't need an occasion to enjoy - the sun is more than enough of a reason and mostly you don't even need that.

  • Prosecco makes the conversation lighter, the night brighter, and it makes me feel a little sexier...

  • This sleek bottle of Prosecco so belongs to me this year for a couple of reasons, one, it is my 46th birthday tomorrow, two, it is a sleek and sexy as I am at 46years young. Three it is perfectly aged to prefection just as I am doing in the years to come. And what other way to bring in another good year with friends and family then a great bottle of Prosecco.

  • In reply to rylenk:

    Congrats! You won the contest! Please check your email for details.

  • In reply to shesips:

    Thank you, this is going to be a great Birthday.

  • In reply to shesips:

    Thank you for being a part of another great year with me.

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