Bottle Review: 2008 Terra Fossil Malbec

2008 Terra Fossil Malbec

100 % malbec from Mendoza, Argentina

Price: $6/bottle


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He Sips: Aregntinian Malbec has long been known as a good value wine.  But at 6 bucks a bottle, can this be any good?  Well, yes it can.  We didn’t look up the price until after tasting it, and I thought, “if this is $15 or less, this is a buy a case wine.”  Don’t get me wrong — this wine won’t blow you away, but it has nice, dark fruit, and it’s in balance.  There is enough acidity, and the alcohol isn’t over the top.  It’s worth more than the $6 price tag.


She Sips: I tasted this wine the next day–and it was still good, which is always a plus when selecting a bottle of wine…just in case you can’t finish it in one day. Fruity and bold with a smooth and silkly finish. A really good value wine. For $6, I’d say stock up. Seems like a party wine to me. And I’m a sucker for their cool dinosaur labels.


We Sip: Buy a case (because of the low price; if you find it for over $10 worth buying a bottle)

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