Review: Blue Star Wine Bar

Review: Blue Star Wine Bar

Just west of the Kennedy on Divison, you’ll find a quaint wine bar that’s been open less than a year called Blue Star, 1209 N. Noble. Its atmosphere of brick walls, granite-topped bar, and electric lighting and furnishings makes Blue Star warm and inviting–especially this winter. There’s a fireplace in one corner and plenty of sitting room and space, but what’s really worth the trip is the food and wine.

Recently, I attended an event at Blue Star called “Blue Star on Broadway.” The guests enjoyed a delcious four-course tapas dinner paired with wine while we listened to Cole Porter and Frank Sinatra songs performed live by Alessandro Magno and Cynthia Firing. The menu, including an appetizer:

  • Goat Cheese Croquettes with Blueberry Honey Emulsion
  • Homemade Fresh Mozzarella with Yellow Pepper Confit and Pesto alla Trapanese
  • Seared Polenta Trio: topped with Lamb Bolognese, Roasted Portabella and Truffle Aioli, Pesto alla Trapanes
  • Grilled Skirtsteak over Garlic-Parmesan Bruschetta, with Salsa Verde, Roasted Fingerlings, Sautéed Spinach
  • Graham Cracker Crusted Fried Nutella with Blackberry Coulis and Grand Marnier Marshmallow Sauce

I particularly liked the homemade mozzarella dish and the grilled skirtsteak. Each dish was well seasoned and tasted Mediterranean, as Blue Star is aiming to be. The wine pairings were nice as well.

With 30 wines by the glass, this bar should be on your list of go-tos for 2011. When you go, make sure you try the Ben Marco Malbec ($12 a glass; $48 a bottle). This wine tastes like jam; it’s rich and coats the mouth without a ton of tannin. I loved it at first sip–and when I found out it is made by Susana Balbo, who makes Crios wines, I knew why.

Also, try the Torresella Nero D’Avola, a Sicilian wine, which you can’t beat at $6 a glass. A perfect winter wine that is super easy to drink.




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  • Have been thinking about checking this place out for a while now but was waiting for someone to tell me they'd been there. Thank you!!!

  • In reply to kristainchicago:

    You're welcome! Let us know when you check it out!!

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