Top-10 Signs that You're Now a Wine Drinker

Top-10 Signs that You're Now a Wine Drinker

10. You find yourself drinking more wine than beer or liquor.

9. White Zin is no longer an option.

8. The thought of fruit wine makes your stomach turn.

7. You have more than a few bottles in the house.

6. You stop storing your wine: a) on the counter; b) in a wine rack; and c) in your fridge.



5. At a restaurant, you can’t order your food until you decide on a wine.

4. You start to want to keep track of your wine. You write down producers and years, take down tasting notes.

3. You’re saving a bottle of good wine for the right moment.

2. You go to wine tastings or (for the more serious) go on vacations to wine regions.

1. You can now identify, spell, and pronounce all of the following: sommelier, gewurztraminer, Chateauneuf-du-Pape, and Willamette Valley, (okay, maybe not spell).


Do you agree? Does this describe you? Did we forget some signs? Tell us!



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  • Some great information on wine at Chicago Wine Lovers
    You give listed some sure tell ways that you are a true wine lover.

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