Imagine a Bath Tub Full of Wine--and You in It!

We all know that a glass of red wine is good for the heart. But what about a bath of it? Yes, a bath of it!!

At Bella Uve spa in the Torgiano, Italy this is a reality. A bath of Sangiovese in a wine-barrel-like tub. Grape-infused ointments. A glass of wine to sip while you soak up all the anti-aging properties. This is my kind of spa treatment!


Listening to this story on NPR on my way home from work today, I found myself day-dreaming about being drenched in wine–what that might feel like. Can you slide under the wine and take in gulpfuls? Does your skin get stained raspberry like teeth after a night of red-wine imbibing? Do you get buzzed through osmosis?

I guess I’ll have to travel to Italy to find out. Note to Chicago Spas: Women would dig this! Fill a bath tub with wine and we will come. Right?

What do you think of this idea?


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  • Sounds like a good idea for a girls trip to me.

  • In reply to pamela9575:

    Glad you finally figured out how to login. I agree!

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