Bottle Review: 2009 Merry Edwards Sauvignon Blanc

Some times I have a wine that I enjoy so much I actually slow down while drinking it–to savor it more, to remember it, to feel it in my mouth, let it coat my tongue and cheek insides and throat, and let it live there.

Merry Edwards latest release of Sauvignon Blanc ($30) is this wine–and then some. While tasting it at the winery in the Russian River Valley, Merry Edwards, herself, in front of me, I fell into a dream, a wine dream, and I didn’t want to wake up because it was SO good. Last night, I opened a bottle of it with my friend Pam to relive the dream.

Immediately, Pam commented on the robustness of it; she said it had so much flavor. These intense fruit flavors of apple and lemon are wonderful, but it’s the silky smoothness that gets me. The wine is barrel fermented in French oak, which makes it more velvety than most sauvignon blancs produced today. The trend seems to be acidic and crisp, with citrus notes, more stainless steel.

With this wine, Merry Edwards has done the impossible: made me fall back in love with oak for whites. For years, I’ve turned my nose up at the buttery, oaky taste of a classic California chardonnay. But now, I’m having second thoughts. Her wine does have more in common with those chards I couldn’t stand than the sauvignon blancs from Marlborough that I’ve currently been into.

I am in love with this wine, and it paired perfectly with Pam’s lavender caramels.  But would also be great with seafood, or I’m even thinking Thanksgiving, similar to a viognier.  At $30 a bottle, this wine is buy a case worthy. Because we did. One and a half, actually.

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