Bottle Review: 2009 Doña Paula Estate Torrontés

When it comes to Argentinean wine, two grapes come to mind – malbec and torrontés.  Torrontés is a white grape that isn’t really grown anywhere else.  There is some wine made from a grape called torrontés in Spain, but it’s not clear if that grape is even related to the one grown in Argentina.  Like Argentinean malbec, torrontés is often a good wine to turn to for value.

A couple of weeks ago, we
reviewed a malbec
from Doña
Paula vineyards
in the Mendoza region of Argentina. (Note: the 2009 Estate Malbec retails for $17.) Here’s our review of the other sample bottle they sent us: a 2009 Estate Torrontés, which also retails for $17.


He Sipped

I really don’t know what to think of this wine.  It has a very fragrant and interesting nose.  It’s very floral, but with some sweet tropical fruit as well.  This torrontés is medium bodied with a good amount of acid.  In fact, the acid really hits you when you take your first sip.  It has flavors of apple and grapefruit.  

When first tasting this wine, I wasn’t too crazy about it.  I think part of that was because it was hard to discern exactly what I smelled and tasted.  After a few more sips, I still had a hard time with it, but I was definitely enjoying it more.

She Sipped

Fruit on the nose.  Flowers in the mouth.  My senses are on overload as I drink this wine. When I taste, I taste my mother’s garden–and this is a good thing.  I grew up with flowers, all kinds, but tulips were an early favorite and then bleeding hearts and lilacs and then irises. While this torrontés doesn’t bring on all of those notes, it does scream floral to me, and with this much flower-action, I can’t help but think of my mother, the gardener, our gardener.

I really like this wine and wish it wasn’t $17, which seems high for an Argentinean white. If it was $12, I’d say buy a case. Some days, I want to be transported back to my childhood, among diamond-shaped stones behind an aluminum shed with a lilac tree to provide me shade. I miss those secret places, my secret places. If a bottle of wine can take me there, then I guess it’s worth every penny.

We Sipped

Buy a Bottle

(We almost said Have a Glass, but the fact that this wine held up two days later, after refrigeration, made us bump up the rating. Gotta love the screw cap!)

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