The Forgotten Bottle: A Long Island Gewürztraminer

If nothing else, this blog has given us an excuse to open bottles of wine that we’ve been “saving” for no particular reason other than “tonight doesn’t really feel like a night to open a good bottle of wine.”

On Saturday, we invited a few people over and opened a bottle from a winery in Long Island that we visited in the fall of 2008: a 2005 Lenz Gewürztraminer.

We have a lot to say about wine tasting on Long Island, but those stories will have to wait until a longer post. (She Said: After our Gewürztraminer, we opened a bottle of my favorite summer wine, a rosé from Croteaux also on Long Island. More on this buy-a-case wine soon.)

For now, here’s our take on the hard-to-find 2005 Lenz Gewürztraminer:

He Sipped

We’ve had this bottle for so long, I kind of forgot about it.  When we opened it, I didn’t know what to expect.  This wine was worth the wait.  It has a bright, yellow, almost gold color.  The nose was just as bold.  There was plenty of fruit – some melon maybe?  Perfume and flowers were also prominent.  I’m neither a gardener nor a florist, so I couldn’t tell you which flowers exactly.  

The mouth feel was very typical of Gewürztraminer – soft, yet viscous.  The flavors were tropical fruit, with maybe some stone fruit followed by a bit of vanilla.  I wish we had another bottle.

She Sipped

The color of this wine struck me first: inside, it appeared very, very yellow, buttery even; outside, it looked, frankly, like urine. It smelled like perfume.

I know urine and perfume, not a good combo, but the taste was totally different.

The wine coated my mouth like a California Chardonnay, but in a good way–smooth and velvety. It went down easy. Each sip lingered in the mouth for awhile, and I loved every minute of it.

What’s funny is I don’t remember liking it as much when we tried it more than two years ago; albeit, it was one of the last wineries we visited after a full day of tasting. And if you’ve been wine tasting, you know how that goes: the drunker you are, the more regrettable decisions you make, including wine purchases. Actually, given that fact, I’m surprised it was as good as it was.

I would drink this Gewürztraminer any time, anywhere. It’s that kind of wine, versatile; pack a bottle for your next picnic or evening at Ravinia. A girls’ BYO dinner: Done. Double done. If you buy a case of it, you’re set for the next 12 dinners. Now, I need to convince He Sips to let me buy a case…

We Sipped

Buy a Bottle (or Case)

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Note: The 2005 is no longer through the winery; however, you can purchase the 2006 Lenz Gewürztraminer directly from vineyard.

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