Just in Time for Summer: a Rosé that Pairs with Grilled Meat

The meal: grilled pork tenderloin
The store: Provenance Food and Wine in Lincoln Square
The wine: a Washington state rosé
The details: $15.50 for the 2007 McKinley Springs Rosé Horse Heaven Hills
The verdict: split, but the wine stood up to the meat

Last post, we reviewed Provenance Food and Wine, 2312 W. Leland Ave.  While we were there, owner Tracy Kellner recommended a Washington state rosé to pair with our dinner of grilled pork tenderloin marinated in Greek yogurt, lemon, & dried herbs.  The bottle was a 2007 McKinley Springs Rosé Horse Heaven Hills, which she described as “full bodied enough” to pair with pork.  While we both agreed that the wine, especially for a rosé, stood up to the meat, we differed in our opinion of it.

He Sipped

This wine had a lot of color for a rosé–it was a little darker than most.  The nose was a bit fruity–definitely some strawberry in there.  The strawberry carried over onto the palate.  It had some nice if not particularly complex flavors.  After a few sips, I started to notice some heat from the alcohol.  This caught me by surprise so I took a look at the label and found that it is 14.8% alcohol!  To me, that seems a bit high for a rosé.  It certainly was a bit high for this wine–the alcohol level threw it out of balance.  It’s not a bad wine to sip on a warm day, but it’s nothing to write home about either.

She Sipped

As far as rosés go, this bottle was not my favorite–but that’s probably because it’s made from 100% Barbera and made in Washington. I’m a much bigger fan of French-style rosés. That said, the Mckinley Springs was definitely not as alcoholy in taste as He Sips makes it sound. And even if it was, is that necessarily a bad thing? I thought not, as I proceeded to finish most of the bottle myself. Granted, I was a little hungover the next morning.

The wine went well with our food, especially the goat cheese from Greenville, Indiana that Tracy recommended to go with it. I would definitely drink this wine again on a hot night with friends. For the price, it’s worth buying a bottle. Bring it to a BYO restaurant, like my neighborhood favorite Urban Belly (which is closer to Provenance’s other location in Logan Square), share it with a partner or friend, and for less than $8 a person, you’ll both be feeling the effects of that 14.8%–in a good way.

We Sipped

Our first split decision

He Sipped: Have a glass
She Sipped: Buy a bottle

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