Ice Hockey Meets Icewine

While I’m a huge sports fan, I have to admit that I’ve never been into
hockey.  Maybe it’s because my beloved Cubs are struggling or college
basketball season ended two months ago or the way Chicago has embraced
the Blackhawks during their playoff run, but I’m really starting to
enjoy the sport.

With the Hawks being the toast of the town, I
decided to find a wine to toast them with.  What better to go with ice
hockey than Canadian Icewine?  Icewine (or Eiswein, as it’s called in
Germany) is made from grapes that were allowed to stay on the vine until
freezing temperatures set in.  They are then harvested and pressed
while still frozen.  This concentrates the sugar and produces a sweet
dessert wine.  It’s made in many different colder climates, but Germany
and Canada are probably the largest producers.

I opened a sample
bottle of Inniskillin Niagara Penninsula Riesling Icewine to give it a
try.  Lightly golden in color, it has a nose of baked apple and honey. 
This wine is certainly sweet.  They key to sweet dessert wines is
having the acidity to balance the sweetness.  The Inniskillin doesn’t
disappoint in that regard.  It has a very nice level of acidity, which
prevents the wine from being cloyingly sweet.  Shesips, who absolutely
hates all dessert wine, even said, “it’s actually not as bad as I
thought it would be.”  I’m not one to shy away from good dessert wine,
and the Inniskillin was as good as I hoped it would be.  This wine would
pair nicely with a wide range of desserts–or can be dessert itself!

can be a bit pricey, but if you’re looking for something different,
give it a shot.  Hopefully, this week, the Blackhawks will give us a
reason to put down the Molsen and raise a glass of icewine to celebrate a
Stanley Cup Championship!

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