Bottle Review: 2009 Doña Paula Estate Malbec

Recently, we received two bottles from Doña Paula vineyards in the Mendoza region of Argentina as review samples: a Malbec and a Torrontés (review to come). As we’re sure every wine blogger can attest to, packages of wine are the best packages to receive at your doorstep–especially when they’re free samples that wineries want you to review.

In general, Argentinean Malbecs are known as inexpensive, fruit-forward red wines that pair well with red meat. And since we were having filet mignon for dinner, we decided to taste Doña Paula’s new bottle to see if it matched this tradition.


He Sipped

Very dark, purplish-red in color, this Malbec is pretty extracted; it’s almost opaque.  On the nose, you can tell right away that this is a new world wine.  There are loads of dark fruit, as well as some wood (cedar maybe.)  

In the mouth, the dark fruit is still prominent with maybe a hint of tobacco on the finish.  It’s a little tannic, but not to the extent that it’s a problem.  

Overall, this is a decent wine – it’s nothing amazing, but it’s not bad either.  If you’re grilling some steaks on a random weeknight, then this would be a good wine to open.  I wouldn’t pay over $20 for it.  If I found it for under $15, I’d definitely buy a bottle or two.

She Sipped

Since I’m typically not a huge fan of big and bold, I expected not to like this wine; however, two sips in I changed my mind. I really liked it: fruity, yummy, and lasting. But those feelings fleeted quickly. I always know how much I like a wine by how much I rave about it in the future (and how much I drink of it, of course).

The evening ended, and the bottle was still half-full. That’s not the best sign for us (to be fair, he sips had binged on beer most of the day).

I would drink this wine again, but it seems like that kind of wine you order a glass of at a restaurant and then forget about the next day. It’s definitely not a memorable wine, but it’s worth a glass.

We Sipped
(after some debate)

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