5 Wines to Drink this Summer

Everyone loves a list; so, here’s ours. Please note these are only five wines we like to drink during the summer; there are many more. In compiling the list, we tried to think of wines we like to drink on a warm, sunny day, wines that go down easy, sometimes too easy. We also tried to present a mix of wines available locally and some you might have to seek out.

Congratulations to Wileen of Jefferson Park, who won our “Best of Wine of the Summer” contest. We know you like whiskey better, but we hope this bottle of 2007 August Ziegler Pinot Noir, turns you around a little. Thanks for everyone’s suggestions. We can’t wait to try all your picks!

Please check out our photo gallery below for the list, including description and price (in the captions, which you need to scroll down to read).

If you disagree with us or we missed your favorite, let us know. We’re always eager to learn about bottles we haven’t tried yet.

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