Contents of a Dog-Friendly Auto

We are still in Colorado.  Even though it hasn’t snowed in over 2 weeks.  An intended ski vacation turned into a daily dog hike vacation filled with ice, mush, and mud.  The ride was a 16 hour ride by car with 2 dogs, made into an even longer 3 hours, because of an inadvertent wrong turn in Des Moines.  Add the (from our wrong turn) detour through Kansas City after the big snow storm where we picked up I-70.  Obviously we weren’t quite awake in Des Moines.  But we had EVERYTHING needed to make a comfortable trip for both us and our dogs, who slept most of the way.  These are some of the items we like and you might like them as well if you ever take your canine companions on a journey with you.

A lot of people have an issue with crating dogs in their cars.  All I can say is that our dogs adore them and consider them their beds.  I don’t worry about dogs running around and trying to stick their heads out of the window with a potential for an eye injury.  The best part of having crates is that when we get really dirty at dog parks or in horrible weather, there is no dog mess in the car, only human mess.

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