To Eat or Not To Eat Chicken Nuggets...

Being that I’m 27 and still have the dietary interests of a preschool age child, I enjoy consuming my fair share of Chicken Nuggets from a variety of fast food locations or the grocery store.

This statement held 100% true until yesterday when I saw an article on one of my favorite tech websites, Gizmodo, with a picture of mechanically separated chicken before it becomes everyone’s favorite chicken nugget.

(I advise averting your eyes unless you already ate breakfast/lunch/dinner and don’t mind potentially losing it)

Thumbnail image for Liquid Chicken Nuggets

When I first saw this picture, I wasn’t sure what to think other than it looks like a Silly Putty snake (which is funny as the the ingredient, dimethylpolysiloxane, “an anti-foaming agent” also used in Silly Putty is used to keep American chicken nuggets together).

To think that Mr. or Mrs. Silly Putty snake eventually turns into the delicious chicken nuggets you find at your local fast food joint, normally consumed with an equally fantastic BBQ or Honey Mustard sauce, is mind boggling.

Just wait, the article got better…

“There’s more: because it’s crawling with bacteria, it will be washed with ammonia, soaked in it, actually.  Then, because it tasts gross, it will be reflavored artifically.  The, because it is weirdly pink, it will be dyed with artificial color.”
(Originally printed on the “Early Onset of the Night” blog)

You would think that after seeing this picture, reading the article, and being affected enough to print it and hang on my cubicle wall; that I would swear off chicken nuggets for the rest of my life…

WRONG…I actually went out and bought some ever-so-yummy spicy chicken nuggets for lunch.

Some things just won’t ever change…maybe when I graduate to eating like a 8th grader in another twenty years.


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  • Matthew -- can you really be this gullible? :)

    Even has an entry about the claims in this piece.
    Anyone who took the time to read the blog above should go to this link:
    Yes -- it's true. Poultry is sometimes mechanically separated and when it is, the resulting product is called mechanically separated poultry (MSP).

    This process is regulated and inspected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and USDA posts information about MSP on its Web site too. It also is included in the ingredient statement. Using technologies like these can help keep meat and poultry products affordable and prevent the waste that would occur through hand trimming.

    It is NOT true that this is how chicken nuggets are commonly made. The vast majority do not contain MSP. Nuggets are usually made from pieces of white meat and sometimes from a combination of white and dark meat. Some processed meat products do contain MSP and this is stated on the ingredient statement by law.

    I've got two hungry boys and I know a lot about how nuggets and other meat and poultry products are made...we are lucky to have the choices we have. If you like nuggets, you can keep enjoying them. Just exercise some skepticism about what you see on the net.

    Janet Riley, American Meat Institute, Washington, DC

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