How to break in a baseball glove.

How to break in a baseball glove.  (This also works for an older glove that hasn’t been used in awhile.)

If your kids are playing youth baseball, it’s about that time of year to get your equipment ready for action. The most important piece of equipment of course is going to be his or her glove.  If you have ever bought a brand new baseball glove, you know how stiff and rigid that thing can be. My hands are cramping up just thinking about how hard it is to catch a ball with a brand new glove.

My first piece of advice would be to try and buy a good quality used glove. There are tons of used sporting goods stores that sell used mitts, and if you go this route the breaking in part is done for you.

If you can’t find  a good used glove, go ahead and purchase the new glove and simply try this trick……..

IMG_01071. Take your new glove and remove any tags that are on there. Insert the glove into your dishwasher. Make sure the dishwasher is empty, and don’t use any detergent for this cycle. In the picture, I’m putting in a brand new glove (black one), and one glove that has been used before, but not in a few months (brown one).


IMG_01092. If you have a high heat cycle on your dishwasher, set it up and run the cycle.





IMG_01123. Here is a pic mid-cycle. Besides the act of water logging the leather, the steam also helps loosen up the leather of the glove.





IMG_01174. Once the cycle is complete, pull the glove out and try it on. You will notice that it’s already drastically more flexible than when you started, but it’s soaking wet. Let the glove dry (this may take a few days), and you can try to play catch with the glove during this drying time, this will help the process of breaking it in. Some people will want the glove to dry with a ball in the web of the glove, that’s fine, but not necessary. Repeat this process 2 or 3 times if needed, and your glove will be ready for opening day!

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