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A Bittersweet Breakup After a Decade of Love

A Bittersweet Breakup After a Decade of Love
Dear American Idol, It’s not you, it’s me. OK, it’s a little bit you. We’ve had some great times. Remember the great Ruben/Clay debate of aught-two? Carrie Underwood and her dead eyes? The way you got me into blogging during Season 5? You did that, Idol. You did this. That’s on you. Remember how Blake... Read more »

Memorable TV Moments of 2011

Everyone has their “best of” lists and their “worst of” lists.  My “of” list consists of things that happened on TV in 2011 as I remember them from my brain. ‘Member when… …we didn’t find out who killed Rosie Larsen and everybody got pissed? …Ned lost his head? …Gus lost his face? …Whitney and her... Read more »

16 Very Special TV Bests and Worsts of 2010

Idol kind of really sucks now.  LOST is gone.  So is 24.  But next month, the employees of the Pawnee, IN Parks Department will be coming back into our homes.  And not a moment too soon!
It’s the end of the year and it’s time to reflect on the good times and the bad.  This is a list of the rousing successes and the epic failures of the TV year that was.

7 TV Things For Which I'm Grateful

Designers, Tim Gunn will not tolerate your pettiness.  And he will CALL YOU ON THAT SHIT, IVY!
It’s not yet Thanksgiving (though it seems like it has already passed based on how much Christmas paraphernalia is littering every single storefront — It’s not even HALLOWEEN yet, people!), but it’s never too soon to give thanks for some people and shows that have made the Fall TV Season somewhat interesting to behold. What... Read more »

Project Runway Recap: Plush Puppies Must DIE!

...The judges chose to get rid of the designer who merely had a bad day and who knew she sent a pile of steaming wooly animal balls down the runway.  Fare well, Lady Gaga's older sister!
I absolutely loved how excited Uncle Tim was about last night’s runway show.  He was positively giddy, running around praising everyone and talking about his preference for wooly animal balls.  It was the most adorable moment of reality TV of the week. But I guess the most important notion that came out of this week’s... Read more »