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Fall TV Pilot Review: Thursday Night Sitcoms

Fall TV Pilot Review: Thursday Night Sitcoms
With 30 Rock and The Office out of the picture, and CBS adding a 2-hour comedy block to its schedule, Thursday nights are wide open for a new batch of sitcoms.  And, that’s exactly what the networks are offering.  5 new sitcoms join the likes of Big Bang, Parks & Rec, and 2.5 Men.  Are... Read more »

Your TV Tonight - 11/4/2010

I tried to pimp Fringe and Community two weeks ago, but Fringe wasn’t on and Community delivered its worst episode this season.   So I’m going to try it again today and hope for the best.   Tonight on Community, the Greendale gang takes on Mean Girls.  And, if this means anything at all to... Read more »

'Community' Halloween Episode -- An Instant Classic (Video)

So I know I pimped Community last week in what has come to be known affectionately in our house as “the worst post I’ve ever written.”  Last week’s episode was mediocre at best. What a difference a week makes.  The Halloween episode of Community was a brilliant sendup of zombie movies that rivals last season’s... Read more »

Steve Carell is Leaving 'The Office' and I'm OK With This

Steve Carell made it clear on the red carpet for his new movie Despicable Me that the next season of The Office will be his last.  He signed on for seven seasons, and next season will be his seventh.  He feels that it’s time for him, and Michael Scott, to move on. I’m not all... Read more »

Best of the Thursday Night TV Comedies (Part 1) - 5/6

Everyone was pretty much back on their games last night.  The Office was Le Suck, which is pretty par for the course these days.  The lameness of The Office was only emphasized by the fact that Community and Parks & Recreation delivered two of their best episodes of the season. Witness: Post-modern Disco Stu going... Read more »

Best Moments from Thursday Night NBC Comedies - 4/22

There weren’t too many moments that jumped out at me on Thursday night.  Community was fine, The Office was bland, and the second 30 Rock episode was just OK.  The first 30 Rock ep, however, was a revelation.   I just wanted to highlight two little moments that made my entire weekend: Has anyone started... Read more »

Best Moments from Thursday Night NBC Comedies

Chicago native Danny Pudi does his best Reginald VelJohnson on Community. Dwight gets spooked by Angela.   K-Date. I want to go to there.   Which were your favorite moments from last night?  Why didn’t anything from Parks and Recreation stand out for me?