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VIDEO of Will Ferrell's Head Injury on 'The Office'

Hands down the funniest thing I’ve seen in weeks:

Your Night in Television - Thursday, 11/11/2010

Bones (FOX, 7 PM) – Apparently the Bones folks discover a cruise ship that likes to pair up Harolds with their Maudes.  The Big Bang Theory (CBS, 7 PM) – The girls throw a slumber party!  What’s the over/under on the number of inappropriate pillow fight comments to tumble forth from Howard’s mouth? 30 Rock... Read more »

Essential Halloween TV Episode Of the Day - The Office "Halloween"

The one redeeming thing about being fired on Halloween -- Lots of pumpkins laying around to throw at your boss's car.
TV shows love holiday-themed episodes — and so do we!  From now until Halloween we at Hammervision are highlighting a different Halloween-themed TV episode every day. Today’s Episode: The Office’s “Halloween,” Season 2 It’s the last day of October (AKA Halloween) and Michael has to fire someone from the office in order to appease corporate.... Read more »

Steve Carell is Leaving 'The Office' and I'm OK With This

Steve Carell made it clear on the red carpet for his new movie Despicable Me that the next season of The Office will be his last.  He signed on for seven seasons, and next season will be his seventh.  He feels that it’s time for him, and Michael Scott, to move on. I’m not all... Read more »