The Second Most Impressive Thing That Happened on TV Last Night

The Second Most Impressive Thing That Happened on TV Last Night
Senator Wendy Davis of Texas filibustered her heart out for women’s rights last night, and that was fantastic, but this also happened — a one-take dance through the So You Think You Can Dance studio choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo to “Puttin’ on the Ritz.” Amazing, amazing stuff. Enjoy. Ha. The embedding code for this video... Read more »

What Are You Reading/Watching/Listening To?

What Are You Reading/Watching/Listening To?
On my TV Tandem podcast with Andy Daglas, we take time at the end of every show to discuss what books or movies or music we’re enjoying outside of watching TV. 97% of the time we just end up naming TV shows. Right now we’re in kind of a TV lull between the finales of Game... Read more »

Watch Lady Gaga's New Video - "Edge of Glory"

I kind of love this throwback to the ’90s, when every video was just the singer performing in three different locations.  A few thoughts: If you’re gonna sing in three different places for three different cameras, you should at least don three different fabulous outfits (though I don’t blame her for wanting to wear that... Read more »

8 Questions about 'Live To Dance'

A few questions about Live To Dance, a TV show I will never, ever watch again ever. 1. Is Paula Abdul really that much of a draw?  I mean, I am one of the biggest American Idol fiends out there, but she was never even so much of a blip on my consciousness during her... Read more »

13 Things We Loved and Hated About the Series Premiere of 'Hellcats'

Welcome to the first installment of Hammervision Does All the New TV Shows.  On the docket tonight is Hellcats, which is pretty much Glee-goes-to-college plus cheerleaders and minus Jane Lynch and Mr. Schu’s rapping. Things We Loved: The lead, Alyson Michalka, brings the right notes of Jo Polniaczek sarcasm and tom-boyishness to her performance. DB... Read more »

'So You Think You Can Dance' Strikes Again

11 Questions About Last Night’s Episode of So You Think You Can Dance: 1. So, did the murderous arm of the SYTYCD grim reaper strike again last night? You betcha!  This time it felled everyone’s favorite moppet, Billy “Elliot/Jamie” Bell. 2. You seem chipper.  And you only ever seem chipper when you smell a conspiracy.... Read more »

Another Wednesday, Another 'So You Think You Can Dance'

10 Questions about last night’s So You Think You Can Dance: 1. Her? That’s right. Bland was absent from the competition.  She mysteriously “injured” “herself” during practice.  But she was nowhere to be seen.  What did she injure?  Was it a gross disfigurement that will render her face more recognizable? 2. Was it just me... Read more »

Your 'So You Think You Can Dance' Recap...Not

Due to my having to compete rather successfully last night at the ChicagoNow trivia meet-up (along with the rest of Team “They Serve Edamame Here?”), there will be no regularly scheduled So You Think You Can Dance recap.  My apologies, but I’ll wager a bet that nothing they did last night even remotely compares to... Read more »

Alex Wong's Amazing 'So You Think You Can' Dance

I apparently didn’t gush enough about Alex’s Nap/Tab hip hop routine with all-star Twitch on So You Think You Can Dance last night.  So here’s the video in all its amazing glory.  I’ll let the work speak for itself (Keep in mind, this guy’s a ballet dancer).

SYTYCD Recap: It's Alex Wong's World, and We Are All Just Visiting

Other than "I hope this is exactly how Carlos Zambrano's anger management sessions will go," there are no words to describe the glory of this routine except, "Dude.  Yes."
Hello, So You Think You Can Dancers!  The word of the night tonight is “erudite.” Many of the dances tonight were, as Cat would say, erudite.  (She uses this word, and I don’t think she knows what it means).  Some dancers came off brilliantly.  Some improved their standing with me by delivering packages that added... Read more »