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I Really Like My Daughter

I don’t normally write about the small people who live in my house, but my mom tells me that people like it. “People” being “my mom.” When my son was about 15-months-old, I started taking him to Gymboree classes and it was a huge eye opener. I had only known him, really, inside the context... Read more »

Least Favorite Children's Book

Least Favorite Children's Book
As a parent, you find yourself reading the same books over and over again. And I mostly don’t mind, but there’s always that one book on the shelf that you just dread. For my mom, it was a Golden Book called Wilma’s Busy Day, in which Wilma Flintstone tries desperately to take a bath. It... Read more »

Writing...With Children: Time Crunch

Hi, friends. I know I’ve been a little lax in my blogging lately and my brand new “Three Weeks Into January” resolution is to start blogging each and every day, even if what I blog about is not TV related. So, I’ve mentioned this before: my secret novel-writing shame. I’ve been working on a few... Read more »

To My Daughter on Her First Birthday

Dear Baby Cookies, This is not one of those letters espousing general rules for living your life like, “Don’t listen to your friends.  Date that nerdy tuba player if you want to.  Someday you’ll be rich and fabulous and they’ll be knocked up at 19 and divorced by 24.”  Maybe someday I’ll write you one... Read more »

Books for Little Girls

Sitting at the Barnes & Noble today, I was struck by how many “girl” books are about fairies and brides and princesses and girls with no ambitions aside from landing a man. And these are books for LITTLE, little girls, like toddlers. Since I’d like my daughter to grow up hoping for more than just... Read more »

Ban All These Violent Books Before I Cut a Bitch

Megan Cox Gurdon, apparent Young Adult book reviewer for known bastion of creative thinking, The Wall Street Journal, is clutching her pearls over all the violence and foul language in YA lit these days. She speaks of all kinds of ickiness like cutting and sexual abuse and contests in which young folk fight each other... Read more »

Writing...With Children -- I'm Coming Out

Last night I came out to my brother and his wife. Not that kind of “came out.”  I came out to them as an aspiring novelist. I’ve been toying with admitting my secret shame to people for a while now.  My husband knows. (He’d have to.  He’s the one who watches the kids when I... Read more »

Parenting Fail - 'R' Rated Movie Edition

Tiny Baby Lady finally let me out of the house for a few hours this weekend to see Wes Craven’s magnum opus, Scream IV. John and I plopped down in our usual seats and waited for the film to start.  While we munched on our M&Ms, a woman entered the theater followed by her three... Read more »

The Nursing Mother's Guide to Late Night TV

So, I’m due to have a baby on Christmas Day. This kid will be #2 for Team Hammervision, and I have to say that I’m not really looking forward to doing the whole newborn baby thing all over again, but I am (and I know I shall eat these words in just a few weeks’... Read more »

24 Films of Christmas - One Week In

We’ve been adhering to our movie Advent calendar (if not to our promise to blog about each of the films).  After watching Christmas special after Christmas special I’ve come to a conclusion — most of these movies suck. I feel that the word “suck” applies most directly to the steaming pile of cynical corporate shilling... Read more »