Memorable TV Moments of 2011

Everyone has their “best of” lists and their “worst of” lists.  My “of” list consists of things that happened on TV in 2011 as I remember them from my brain. ‘Member when… …we didn’t find out who killed Rosie Larsen and everybody got pissed? …Ned lost his head? …Gus lost his face? …Whitney and her... Read more »

Your Night in Television - Monday, 11/08/2010

House (FOX, 7 PM): Joan of Arcadia joins the cast! What an exciting turn of events. If we were still in 2003. 90210 (CW, 7 PM): Joe Jonas shows up in America’s zip code.  Yet another exciting turn of events.  If you’re eleven. Dancing With the Stars (ABC, 7 PM): They’re 200+ episodes into the... Read more »

SYTYCD Recap: It's Alex Wong's World, and We Are All Just Visiting

Other than "I hope this is exactly how Carlos Zambrano's anger management sessions will go," there are no words to describe the glory of this routine except, "Dude.  Yes."
Hello, So You Think You Can Dancers!  The word of the night tonight is “erudite.” Many of the dances tonight were, as Cat would say, erudite.  (She uses this word, and I don’t think she knows what it means).  Some dancers came off brilliantly.  Some improved their standing with me by delivering packages that added... Read more »

Dancing With the Stars: Redemption Is Theirs

The dance included some ripping off of the costumes, of course.  Len seemed fine with it.  They ended up with a 27/30 because of a botched lift at the end of the dance.  Hilarious!
If the counter-programming of Chuck and 24 didn’t steal your attention, then your TV was probably tuned to the finale of the So You Think You Can Still Be Called a Celebrity Dance Spectacular.   Each of the final three couples had to dance a freestyle dance and a dance of redemption (basically a do-over... Read more »

Dancing With the Stars: Semi-Final Spectacular

It’s the penultimate week of Dancing With the Stars and this episode really served to whet my appetite for the upcoming season of So You Think You Can Dance.  The dances tonight were really that good.  Even if Neil Haskell wasn’t in any of them.   But enough about SYTYCD.  We’ll save that discussion for... Read more »

Dancing With the Stars: Dance 'Til You Drop

Tonight was Latin Dance & Swing Night on our beloved disco ball heaven, also referred to as Dancing With the Stars by some lay people.  There were a few surprises.  A certain bachelor-type person hardly tried to grope anyone/get naked.  Robot Len got stuck in a loop of “seh-VENs” for a while.  The Pussycat Doll... Read more »

Dancing With the Stars: Cinematic Mediocrity

It was the first ever Movie Night on our beloved mirror-balled movement massacre.  And like many films, this show had it all.  It had villains and romance and fighting and bad acting and evil she-beasts and fringe.  Oh, did it have fringe.   Here’s how your “stars” danced for you.  Were you not entertained?

Dancing With the Stars: Chemistry Lesson

I missed good old DWTS last week because I was in Indy watching my Butler Bulldogs play another team in the NCAA championship game.  I kind of figured it was a good week to miss.  Buzz Aldrin went home, as we all knew he would sooner rather than later.  But I am so glad I... Read more »

Dancing With the Stars: A Pictorial Journey...With Pictures!

“Stars” danced.  Kate whined.  Evan begged for votes in the Naper-thrill.  Derek macked on the ladies, and an American hero’s wife frightened all the children. Just another Monday night in our disco ball fantasyland.

Dancing With the Stars - Season 10 Begins!

The “stars” danced tonight.  Let’s see how it went… (Click on the photos for captions and comments).