About Hammervision

Hammervision is movies.  Hammervision is TV.  Hammervision is the creative byproduct of a marriage built on a mutual love of all things popular culture. John and Julie Hammerle have been watching movies together since Face/Off was in the theaters. John is an attorney at a Chicago law firm. Julie is not. They have two kids and a dog named Indiana.

Check back daily for movie reviews, TV recaps, DVD recommendations, award predictions, and other breaking news items.  If you have any thoughts or suggestions or want to recommend shows Hammervision should be following, contact Julie on Twitter (@JulieHammerle), John on Twitter (@Hammervision), or Julie via email at magistraai<at>yahoo<dot>com.

Julie is also a YA author. Find info about her books at juliehammerle.com!

To give you a quick sense of their perspectives...

John's Top 5 Favorite Movies 1. Mission: Impossible III  2. A Few Good Men 3. Back to the Future 4. Die Hard 5. Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Julie's Top 5 Favorite Movies 1. Boogie Nights 2. Goodfellas 3. Moulin Rouge 4. Love Actually 5. The Goonies