The Democratic candidate who will definitely beat Trump in 2020

The Democratic candidate who will definitely beat Trump in 2020

In this era of increasing idiocy, everyone’s a pundit–SO WHY NOT ME?

This thought occurred to me yesterday while listening to Pod Save America’s post mortem on this week’s election: If they want to win FOR SURE in 2020, the Democrats need to run Joe Biden.

I know it’s not a sexy or original thought. It’s actually one I’ve fought against for a while. The Democrats thought backward in 2016 and all it got them was a popular vote win of three million votes (but an electoral loss. Oh shit. That’s the one that counts.) I’m honestly sick of hearing Biden’s and Hillary’s’ and Bernie’s names being bandied about. Democrats do need to be looking forward, and they should not be hanging all their hopes on a trio of septuagenarians. Plus, there is a really deep Democratic bench, if people took the time to look beyond the Big Three.

But. The truth is: Joe Biden can win this thing. And the thought of President Joe Biden does give me a whole lot of warm fuzzies. He can pick an awesome, younger Democrat as his running mate. (I’m thinking someone smart, but a bit middle-of-the-road. Someone who won’t distract or detract. The female Tim Kaine. I like Amy Klobuchar for this. But I digress.)

How did I come to this reluctant decision? Well, it’s all thanks to Ed Gillespie and Roy Moore.

Gillespie, who lost the governor’s race in Virginia on Tuesday, was (and probably still continues to be, IN HIS HEART) a fairly mainstream Republican lobbyist-type person. But he tried to Trumpify himself. And it failed.

Moore, who is a garbage human and the Republican nominee for Jeff Sessions’s old Senate seat in Alabama, doesn’t need to Trumpify himself. He says what he means and he means what he says. What he says is wrong and terrible and destructive. But at least he’s honest about his terrible thoughts. And, I guess, that goes a long way.

And I, dining-room-chair pundit that I am, think that’s the most basic lesson we’re not learning in the Era of Trump. Trump is not an ideas man, Michael. He says word salad, and he contradicts himself constantly. But he says it like he means it.

Roy Moore says it like he means it.

Probably a lot of the Virginia Democrats who won, many of them brand spanking new to politics, said it like they meant it.

Bill Clinton said it like he meant it.

So did George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

Joe Freaking Biden is the king of telling it like it is.

He’s Bizarro Trump–a straight talker who is full of compassion, kindness, and intellect–and (right now, three years out) he’s the only one who can defeat the Big Bad.


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