Summer Movie Forecast 2017

Though I’ve done this post every year for the last 7 years, this may be the first year where the concept of a summer movie no longer means what it once did. When Beauty and the Beast opens to $175M in March and then goes on to make $500M, or when The Fate of the Furious opens in April to record-breaking global numbers (including the highest worldwide opening of all time), one has to question why the summer season is any different.

Just look at the movies that opened in March: Logan, Kong: Skull Island, Beauty and the Beast, Power Rangers, Ghost in the Shell – these are all big swings that in any other previous year would constitute the very definition of a “summer movie.” But theater real estate is a hot commodity, and with so many big budget offerings week-after-week in the summer, studios are starting to look elsewhere on the calendar to buy themselves some breathing room. Seems to be working.

Anyway, I love summer movies and as we approach the first week in May, it’s time to look ahead, peer into my crystal ball and predict what will be the biggest hits, the most disastrous flops, and the critical faves that will go on to define this summer of 2017. So, let’s get to it:


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