Lady Gaga reclaims America for all of us

Lady Gaga reclaims America for all of us

I was watching Twitter more than the actual Super Bowl, so I was privy to many of the hot takes over there post Pepsi Zero No-Calorie Zero Sugar 100% No Fun Halftime Show.

People were upset that Lady Gaga hadn’t overtly sent a giant middle finger (metaphorical or actual) in the direction of our current president, Steve Bannon. She didn’t mention the current administration or any of the many, many executive orders he’s had his monkey sign since taking office on January 20.

What she did was subtle. (“Lady Gaga SUBTLE?” you say.) Yup. She kicked off the set singing, USO-style, a bunch of rah-rah America songs before launching (literally) into her hit “Born This Way,” an anthem for the LGBTQA+ community, an anthem for anyone who’s ever been labeled “different.”

She’s taking back America for all of us–of all religions, ethnicities, sexual orientations, GENDERS. For 15+ years, American pride has belonged to one group only–the beer drinking, football-watching, pro-gun, pro-military, Fox News-watching…uh…white guys and their wives. (Who have unfriended you on Facebook and have no desire to listen to your political thoughts anymore anyway because REMEMBER WHEN FACEBOOK USED TO BE FUN??? So, like Gaga getting outwardly pissy at the administration would’ve gotten through to them anyway. It would’ve just given them another reason to shout about HOLLYWOOD LIBERALS.)

For eight years we were sold a bill of goods that the Kenyan usurper was going to steal our guns and give our jobs to all the illegals and…other things, probably. Hindsight is 20/20, and that didn’t happen.

Now we’re facing a president (Hi, Steve!) who is actually testing the limits of executive power. He wants to upend the entire system. He wants to burn it to the ground. He wants war and destruction…because…reasons?

We have a vice president who, I think, said “LGBTQ” for the first time yesterday on the George Snuffleupagus show. He wants to impose his way of life (white, Christian, thwarting the X-Men at every turn) on all of us. He actually wants to do those things. He proved that as governor of Indiana. This isn’t some pulled out of nowhere malarky. (Okay, maybe not the X-Men stuff, but do you REALLY trust Mike Pence to treat our mutant population with respect and dignity?)

Lady Gaga got up on stage last night and sang (beautifully) a litany of pro-America songs for all of us. Those of us who are watching the games for the commercials, who were born possessing some characteristic that the current administration finds undesirable, for those who maybe voted for Bannon and are starting to feel uncomfortable. We are taking the country back and we’re doing it in sparkly leotards.


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