I don't normally do political posts...

I don't normally do political posts...

J/K. Yes, I do. You know me.

But this is a post for the many folks who’ve started Facebook posts like this over the past few days in the wake of the Betsy DeVos confirmation hearings. Their issue is that she’s unfit for the position of Secretary of Education on account of how she thinks all schools need guns to protect children from bears. (And many, many, many other reasons.)

(I also find myself thinking about how Laura Roslin from Battlestar Galactica was the education secretary and she ended up president when the Cylons came a-callin’. At least we know DeVos can fight bears.)

Anyway, welcome aboard, folks newly engaged in Facebook politics! It’s good to see you! Where’ve you been? We’ve known for about two months now that Ole DeVos up there was Trump’s pick to head the department of education, making big decisions about public schools, which she did not attend and where she did not send her children. But she’s got huge opinions. And many, many, MANY dollars. That’s how you know she’s qualified! People with money are automatically better and know more than us! It’s science! And not fake science like the stuff those climate change guys are peddling.

But really, though, I’m glad you’re here. I hope the fact that Trump has nominated someone so obviously unfit to run the department of something that touches you personally — whether you’re a teacher or someone with kids in the public school system — has motivated you to dive into what other heinous appointments he’s made. The senate is chatting with former governor Rick Perry today, who gets the job because of his close ties to energy companies and his ability to wear glasses.

We need you. We need you, especially if you have Republican reps and senators, to call your congresscritters and tell them this will not stand. We need you to call your senators and demand our old friend Betsy the Bear Hunter gets another day of hearings. We need you to to speak out, stay engaged, and demand better from our government.

Most of my Facebook friends have doubtless already hidden my posts on account of how I’m a raging libtard and “We used to like her better when she only talked about Game of Thrones.” But you, YOU can reach the masses. We need the folks who don’t “do” political posts more than ever. You might be the only ones getting through.


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