I wrote a book. Did I mention that?

I wrote a book. Did I mention that?

I am very sorry that there was no Game of Thrones recap this week. I was able to go out with adult women on Sunday night for wine and conversation, which is a rare occurrence. I’m working on the winners and losers, and I should have it up tomorrow.

To make up for my negligence, I have an exciting info dump for you!

My book, The Sound of Us, releases ONE WEEK from today. It received a glowing review on Kirkus, which I’m very excited about.

If you’d like to order the book, you can find all of the relevant information here. The book is a YA novel about a girl who goes to voice camp for the summer. It’s like Pitch Perfect, but with opera singers!

If you like FREE things, you can still enter the Goodreads giveaway!

And, yes, you can read it even if you’re an adult. Even if you’re an adult man. My husband read it proudly on the Metra.

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If you’re in Indianapolis or thereabouts, I’ll be doing a signing/launch event at Bookmamas on Thursday, June 16 from 5:30-7:30. Here’s the Facebook invite.

If you’re in Chicago, I’ll be doing two events in conjunction with Barnes & Noble’s B-fest (YA festival). You can find me at the State Street store on Friday, June 10 from 6-8 PM or at the Skokie store in Village Crossing on Saturday, June 11 from 1-3 PM.

I hope to see you around!



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