10 Game of Thrones characters who are not allowed to die

My agency sister, Donna Hosie (read her books), tweeted something last night that got my brain moving.

Jorah’s death has always felt like an inevitability to me. He’s basically the Charlie Brown of Westeros, the lovable sad sack. He was banished from his childhood home, and then banished from his queen’s guard. Now he has the greyscale. It would appear that Lord Friendzone’s death is immanent. Which is why (good news for Donna) I don’t think GRRM is going to kill Ser Jorah. It would be too obvious.

(Full disclosure: Jorah’s death would kill me, too. I make fun of him out of love.)

(SPOILERS AHEAD, if you haven’t watched the most recent episode, “The Door.”)

But that got me thinking: After the deaths of the last episode, where we lost two of the more innocent characters on this show, who remains (if anyone) on the level of Hodor? Whose death would inspire the same amount of tears?

Here are my picks for the ten characters whose deaths would hurt my heart (for various reasons, and in no particular order).

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