Scott Baio has started a revolution

Scott Baio has started a revolution

What have you done today?

Yeah, probably nothing. I know you, sitting there at your computer, sipping your coffee (a drink Scott Baio SNEERS at with all his best actorly abilities, you basic), eating your banana, #feelingthebern. You’re such a cliche, you don’t even know.

Scott Baio, however, has spawned a revolution, a movement so majestic, so beautiful, so grand in scope that your tiny little brain, which has been nourished solely from the sludge fed to you by the lame-stream media for years, can’t even comprehend it.

Scott Baio is blowing minds. Scott Baio is changing the world.

Scott Baio is telling his barista (sorry, not *his* barista; the coffee was for his wife, you dumbass) that his name is “Trump.”

Get it? “Trump.”

Still don’t get it?

Well, get this. Tens of dozens of Mr. Chachi’s followers have started doing the same at their own local burnt coffee emporia. All across this “make America great again” nation, Trumpsters are #feelingthebrew and telling their local espresso slingers that there is but ONE NAME gorgeous enough, classy enough, fantastic enough to be scrawled in Sharpie on the vast, white landscape of a venti to-go cup.

That name is *spoiler alert* Trump.

Catch the fever. Feel the heat. Burn yourself on that already hot-hot coffee that probably rises one million degrees when its vessel gets Trump stamped. That name is like a ten trillion-watt megabulb.

Get thine own self to your local Starbucks today and give your barista the name that’s on everybody’s lips.

No, not “Drumpf,” you tiny-handed Canadian.


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