Game of Thrones Winners and Losers: The Red Woman

In my Game of Thrones posts about winners and losers, either you win or you lose. It’s really a lot less deadly than the actual Game of Thrones.

Since I didn’t mention it in my recap post yesterday, I want to let you in on how I’m personally handling this season. Yes, I’ve read all the books, but that’s as far as I want to go, spoiler-wise. I’m not reading speculation on the season to come. I don’t want to know other people’s predictions based on random chapters that have been released by GRRM or other internet scuttlebutt. For me, it’s the books and the show. That’s it. I even avoided the preseason trailers this year.

That said, I will not spoil anything for you, sweet summer children, who have opted not to read the books (and, yes, there is stuff left to spoil *cough* Rickon. Where the fuck is Rickon? This is what we should all be asking ourselves, I think).

On to the winners and losers!

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